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Pine, dwarf mugo mughus   /   Pinus mugo mughus

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Dwarf Mugo Pine Pumilio - Pinus mugo Mughus (latin)

Geographical origins: Alps between 1500m and 2500 m.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 1.5 m, width up to 2 m.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Any.
Hardiness: Hardy to -40°C.
Exposure: Full sun.

Properties and uses:
The dwarf Mugo Mughus Pine has a rounded spread out shape; its limited height and slow growth make it the ideal tree for small gardens or mixed rockeries. Its dense foliage will add volume to your garden. It lends itself to pruning and can also be planted in a tub. The bonsai connoisseurs even use it to make miniature forests! Its needles grow in pairs and are longer than those of the variety pumilio.

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