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Bugbane 'Brunette'   /   Actaea simplex Brunette

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Bugbane, Baneberry -
Actaea simplex, Cimicifuga simplex 'Brunette' (latin)
Bugbane, Baneberry - Actaea simplex, Cimicifuga simplex 'Brunette'

Author: Lepage

Geographic origins: Eastern Asia.

Adult dimensions: Height up to 1.20 m, width up to 80 cm.

Foliage: Deciduous.

Type of soil: Moist and rich.

Hardiness: Hardy to -25°C.

Position: Shade to partial shade.

Plantation density: 3 / m².

Characteristics and uses:
Bugbane 'Brunette' is a hardy perennial with deep brown crimson foliage that has a green grey underside with brown veins. Magnificent when grown in a group, it will show off your light and silver leaved plants a treat and make a nice surprise when mixed with yellow or fringed foliage.
In September and October this bugbane produces long white pink scented spikes Make sure to remove any dead flowers as soon as they appear to prolong flowering.
Make sure to cut the clump back at the end of autumn. For the best effect grow 3 plants per m².
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