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Fern, Boston - C12   /   Nephrolepis exaltata - C12

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Everything about: Fern, Boston - C12

Boston Fern - Nephrolepis exaltata 'Bostonienis' (latin)
Pot diameter 12 cm - Indoor plant
Boston Fern - Pot D. 12 cm - Nephrolepis exaltata 'Bostonienis' - Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 15 to 20°C.
The plant will die if the temperature falls below 10°C.

Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.

Site: Full light but protected from direct sunlight.

Geographical origins:
Tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Adult dimensions:
Height up to 2 metres in its natural environment, but not more than 1 metre in a pot.

Characteristics and Uses:

The Boston fern is a much appreciated houseplant.

Its beautiful leaves are reminiscent of feathers.

In addition, the Boston fern is an air purifying plant that is very efficient against formaldehyde and xylene.

Looking after advice:

The Boston fern likes bright light
- But not direct sunlight.

- It also likes humidity: so water it regularly being sure not to let the water stagnate and spray its leaves.
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