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Japanese Camellia 'Nuccio's Cameo'   /   Camellia japonica Nuccio's Cameo

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Everything about: Japanese Camellia 'Nuccio's Cameo'

Japanese Camellia 'Nuccio's Cameo' - Camellia japonica 'Nuccio's Cameo' (latin)

Japanese Camellia 'Nuccio's Cameo' - Camellia japonica 'Nuccio's Cameo'

Geographic origins: California.
Discovered by: Nuccio's Nursery.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 10 metres, width up to 5 metres.
Foliage: Evergreen, light green and slender.
Type of soil: Not chalky and well drained.
Hardiness: Hardy to -14°C.
Exposure: Partial shade or full sun, sheltered from cold winds.

Characteristics and uses:
The Japanese’s Camellia 'Nuccio's Cameo', is a much-appreciated classic, it has large overlapping flowers that are light azalea pink. Flowering is between February and April. To increase the number of flowers from year to year, it is a good idea to water the plant from April through to September. The Camellia 'Nuccio's Cameo' is very tolerant of pruning once the flowering period is over.
The Japanese Camellia 'Nuccio's Cameo' is a vigorous and healthy plant with a slender appearance. It is happy either planted as a lone specimen in the garden or in a border with other peat loving plants. Avoid exposure to cold winds. It is also very beautiful when grown in a pot or planter on your balcony against either a trellis or a wall.

Soil and Compost

ericaceous compost

ERICACEOUS COMPOST: Suggested use INDOOR PLANTS: Anthuriums, Begonias, Rubber plant, ficus... & OUTDOOR PLANTS: Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Heathers, Rhododendrons, Camellia japonica (Spring Camellia)...

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