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Willow, basket   /   Salix viminalis

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Basket Willow or Cane Osier or Green Willow –
Salix viminalis (latin)
Basket Willow or Cane Osier or Green Willow - Salix viminalis

Geographic origin: Europe, temperate Asia.

Adult dimensions: Height up to 10 m (32,8'), width up to 8m (26,3').

Foliage: Deciduous.

Type of soil: Very rich, fertile and moist.

Hardiness: Hardy to -32°C.

Exposure: Full sun.

Basket Willow or Cane Osier or Green Willow - Salix viminalis

Characteristics and uses:
The dark green leaves are silvery white underneath. This tree is often cut low as the young branches are used in basket work. The young branches are very long and flexible. The grey-green colour when young changes to become green-yellow and brown. Usually planted along waterways and around lakes and ponds, this beautiful tree can be planted alone or in groups.

List of Willows:
Almond Leaved Willow (Salix triandra), small finely serrated leaves, slender branches, contorted and fluted
Corkscrew Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica pekinensis 'Tortuosa'), extremely pliable branches, contorted and weeping towards the ground, long and narrow leaves
Coyote Willow (Salix exigua), extremely narrow leaves, silvery, erect branches, pinkish in colour, extremely decorative in winter
Crack Willow (Salix fragilis), finely serrated leaves, greeny brown branches, glabrous, easily breaks off
Creeping Willow (Salix repens), shiny green leaves with glossy underside, pubescent browny grey branches, excellent ground cover
Dwarf Purple Willow (Salix purpurea 'nana')
Eared Willow (Salix aurita), grey green foliage with whitish underside, numerous contorted branches, dislikes chalky soil
Goat Willow (Salix caprea), dark green leaves with whitish underside, silvery catkins, red and glabrous branches, often used for floral compositions
Grey Willow (Salix cinerea), dark green foliage with ash grey underside, velvety grey juvenile branches
Laurel Willow (Salix pentandra), finely serrated and fragrant leaves, browny green branches, glabrous and shiny
Purple Willow (Salix purpurea), rounded shape, silvery grey foliage, dark purple branches
Rosemary-Leaved Willow (Salix rosmarinifolia), hairy leaves, green with white underside, red branches
White Willow (Salix alba), extremely decorative silvery look, glabrous olive green juvenile branches

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