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Vegetable Garden Compost

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Vegetable Garden Compost

Suggested use:
- Planting of vegetables: apply locally at time of sowing or line planting (bean type plantation). If the soil is poor, avoid spreading too thinly.
- When sowing small vegetables (carrots, radishes, etc.): prepare the bed by mixing the vegetable compost in with the first 8 centimeters of soil.
- For vegetables that demand a lot of nutrients (tomatoes, artichokes, etc): put a good amount around the roots at time of planting. For these vegetables, add manure or organic fertilizer annually around the roots.

This compost is not suitable for peat loving plants.

- Sedge and bog peat
- Bark compost
- Vegetal fibres
- Manure
- Fertilizer suited to biological agriculture

Agronomic description:
The vegetable plot compost is specifically designed to improve the quality of vegetable garden soil. It adds organic matter to the soil, as well as nutrients suitable for vegetable growing. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potash are added in natural forms, perfectly suited to biological growing.

Vegetable Garden Compost

Chemical breakdown:

pH (H2O) 6,5
Conductivity (mS/m) 30
Dry matter (% of gross product) 30
Organic matter (% of dry product) 65
Capacity for water retention to pF1 (% volume) 65

This compost complies with:
- NF U 44-551
- To the European regulations 834/2007 (usable in biological agriculture)

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