Planting Balled or container grown plants

Estimated planting time: 20 m


Necessary equipment:

Compost: Quality compost is made up of peat, elements for drainage like resinous bark and nutritive elements like manure

Material for soil preparation: Spade, shovel, rotavator, plough...

Other tools: Bucket, watering can, knife or secateurs.

Helpful items: Slow release fertiliser tablets, gloves.

Planting Balled or container grown plants

Stage 1
- Soak the root ball of your plant in a bucket of water. For large containers do not water at this stage.
- Make a hole that is between 3 and 4 times the width and depth of the plant's root ball. This will make it easier for the plant to establish roots.
- Mix the soil with some compost to both aerate it and enrich it.
- Part fill the hole with this mix so that you are ready to put your plant in position.

Stage 2
- Remove any packaging from around your plant. If there are a lot of roots protruding from the outside of the root ball, trim them off with the knife or secateurs.
- This is done to avoid the deformation of the root system and stimulate the development of new small roots, which are important for the future growth of your tree or shrub.
- Put your plant into the hole making sure that the above ground part is straight.

Stage 3
- Cover the entire root ball with the soil/compost mix to avoid the surface of it drying out.
- Use all of the soil/compost mix; you should end up with a slight mound around the base of the plant.
- It is important not to firm down the soil; this will help encourage the development of your plant's roots.
- To help further, put a slow release fertiliser tablet at the base of your plant.
- Water generously.

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