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"The Truffle Tree" or Tree colonized with truffle mycorrhizae

Today it is possible to produce your own truffles!
To maximize your chances of success only choose quality truffle trees. The fact that they have been quality controlled and certified by the INRA means that you are picking the best possible truffle tree that is available.

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Black Perigord Truffle - Tuber melanosporum

Truffle Holm Oak Tree
Truffle Downy Oak Tree
Truffle Hazel Tree
Truffle Hornbeam Tree

Bourgogne Truffle - Tuber uncinatum

Truffle Downy Oak Tree
Truffle Hazel Tree
Truffle Hornbeam Tree

"Mycorrhizae (from the Greek: mukès = mushroom, rhiz = root) are mixed organs that have been created from roots and symbiotic fungus in the soil".

Mycorrhization is a mutually beneficial association between a plant and a fungus. A tree on its own is not very efficient at being able to gather enough of the essential minerals that it needs to feed on. The fungus for its part would be unable to survive without the sugars that the tree provides.
In nature, practically all plant species have some form of mycorrhization (with the exception of the groups Brassicaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Juncaceae, Saxifragaceae and certain aquatic plants).


The mycorrhizian fungi can produce fruit or carpophores some of which are edible such as the TRUFFLE.

The technique for mycorrhizing a plant with truffle mycorrhizae was perfected in the laboratory by the INRA at the beginning of the seventies. The company Agri-Truffe then developed it further in a natural environment.

This technology replicates what nature has been doing for thousands of years, but by optimizing and accelerating the process of mycorrhization.


The first step involves growing the seeds, nuts or acorns of the host trees in a compost void of any fungi that may contaminate the roots.
The seedlings are then transplanted into a natural substratum containing truffle spores, which will colonize the roots and form the mycorrhizae.
This process takes between four and six months, after which the quality of the mycorrhization is controlled by the INRA.
Only the batches of plants with good vegetative growth and a perfect mycorrhization will be commercialized. Each plant will receive a unique number, which gives the person planting, a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

If it seems that the production process is simple then the reality is quite different. The pass rate imposed by the controls is very strict and involves a continual selection. The quality of the greenhouses, the experience of those involved at all levels are also factors that are crucial in ensuring the success of the cultivation. You must not lose sight of the fact that you are growing a fungus that lives in the soil and which you cannot see!

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