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Lily of the valley   /   Convallaria majalis

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Lily of the valley - Convallaria majalis (latin)

Area of origin : Northern Hemisphere.
Adult dimensions : 15 to 20 cm.
Foliage : deciduous.
Soil type : Light, moist and cool.
Hardiness : Hardy.
Exposure : Partial shade to full sun.

Properties and uses:
Lily of the valley is covered with lovely little bells and adorns both gardens and undergrowth between April and May.
They are at home in the borders, undergrowth and shady parts of the rockery.
Lily of the valley spreads via underground branching rhizomes that benefit from being split up every three to four years to encourage growth.

Plant the tendrils of the Lily of the valley either in autumn or spring, 10 cm apart and 5 cm deep after having broken up the soil.
Cover with earth so that the tip of the tendril is just above ground.

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