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You are now more than 500,000 subscribers on our website - 16/12/2021

All the Planfor teams are grateful for the trust you show them every day: you are part of our story and without you, all this would not have been possible!
Our teams have been advising you for your plants since 2005. Your loyalty gives value to our work, and we thank you for that.

Knowing that there are so many of you reinforces our motivation to always do better and innovate. The messages we receive daily help us in giving you the best offers and services to meet your expectations.

The website is available in 4 languages and today, sells more than 1,300 different plants: ornamental plants, hedges or forestry varieties, fruit trees, rose bushes, bamboos… each plant comes in different heights, up to 2 metres high, to satisfy most customers. also proposes more than 3,000 items or tools for planting, gardening and decorating. With time, we also developed a wide collection of vegetable and flower seeds. helps you succeed with your projects through many technical sheets with photos and videos.

Today, we deliver orders in the whole western Europe.
Whether it be a single parcel or a whole lorry, each order is attended with the greatest care and met with adapted and highly efficient logistics. Planfor has become a real plant logistics specialist, able to deliver 1 plant, 100 plants or more than 10,000 plants to their customers.

When you grow plants, whatever your purpose is, you contribute to the overall well-being of our planet!

Even the smallest plant helps in retaining the carbon and in filtering water.

So, congratulations and thank you for the planet!

The brand LECHUZA® joins - 23/02/2015 enhances its range of Flower Pots and Planters. Specialist in the manufacturing of plastic pots with water reservoirs, the brand LECHUZA® has developed ingenious and design product ranges, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

As of now, include more than 550 Planters and Flower pots, especially selected for you:
- Shapes: from the most classic to the most surprising.
- Materials: wood, plastic, Terracotta, geotextile and foam.
- Sizes: from the very small to the very large.

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Connected gardening thanks to ! - 09/01/2015

Passionate about plants, professional or novice gardeners, find at last the site, maximised for mobile phones !

Find all the content of on your mobile, on an interface which has been rethought and adapted to suit small touch screens, with smooth browsing and access to a catalogue of more than 3000 products, in just a few clicks...

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Planfor goes into partnership with Trustpilot to collect its customers' opinions - 10/2015

In October 2014, Planfor has started a new partnership with the platform Trustpilot, with the aim of surveying all its customers and gather their opinions. This action falls within an approach of total transparency towards the consumers, as all the opinions are processed in an impartial way. Concerned about improving the quality of its services, Planfor analyses daily all of its customers' new opinions so as to further answer their needs.

That's why, an invitation email is sent out to each customer, seven days following the dispatch of its order. In this way, we are certain that the customer's opinion is based on the totality of its purchasing experience, and not solely on its browsing activity on the site. The opinions are not filtered, and all notes are taken into account for the calculation of the overall mark. All the opinions are visible on Besides the satisfaction indicator, these opinions allow the whole of the net surfers to fully appreciate the reliability of Planfor's services thanks to the sharing of these real experiences.
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