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January 13th, 2016
The entire Planfor's team wishes you a great, happy year 2017 filled with joy and good surprises! To celebrate this new year we offer you a new video to give you ideas!
Fill up with ideas with Planfor!
Fall for the Winter Round window-box!
The window-box Winter Round will decorate your outdoor table or your balcony!
Our plants-designers offer an arrangement full of softness and poesy...

Ready in only a few minutes, this floral composition will brighten up your winter while waiting for the return of spring.
Winter Container 'Winter Round'
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Find our selection of plants to brighten up your garden, balcony or terrace during winter.
Sedge 'Evergold' Sedge 'Evergold'
To grow in a flowering bed, in a window box for a Japanese-style ground-covering effect!
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Christmas Rose Christmas Rose
Delicate flowers in the heart of winter, ideal for shaded areas.
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Lawson Cypress 'Ellwoodii' Lawson Cypress 'Ellwoodii'
A graphical, tough plant, ideal grown in beds or in tubs.
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Azara microphylla Azara microphylla
The lightness of its foliage brings in an unrivalled brightness in winter displays. It is also suited to flowering beds and borders and the shadiest of sites.
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Who said that Ivy is a plant to avoid growing?
If it clings onto a porous support, their tendrils could indeed damage it rapidly, but there are numerous other cases where Ivy will become your best friend! Use it as a ground-covering plant, or in a window box for an extraordinary effect...
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We are totally unable to resist these small table-pots from Lechuza® !
With their integrated water-reserve, the chore of watering becomes rare... it is simple, we have placed them everywhere!
Table Planters
Table Planters
From 9.99 €
the CUBE Color Lechuza 14 cm, available in white, anthracite or lime green.
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