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Cherry tree Bigarreau Burlat   /   Prunus cerasus Bigarreau Burlat

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Cherry tree Bigarreau Burlat - Prunus cerasus 'Bigarreau Burlat' (latin)

Geographic origin: Asia Minor.
Adult size: Height up to 18 metres.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: All, except very damp.
Climate: Hardy, however the flowers will die if temperatures fall below -3°C.
Position: Full sun.
Pollinators: Napoleon.

Properties and uses:
The cherry tree is a tree that is often found in our gardens. It is covered by large numbers of flowers in April, just before the cherries arrive. The cherry tree is one of the fruit trees that demands the least attention and produces fruit most easily. Cherry trees grow very quickly, up to a metre per year and a large harvest of fruit can be expected from the second year onwards. The cherry tree Burlat produces fruit very early, from the middle of May onwards. The cherries are large, dark red and very juicy, they are also sweet and very tasty.

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