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Schefflera Dalton - C21   /   Schefflera Dalton - C21

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Everything about: Schefflera Dalton - C21

Schefflera Dalton - Schefflera Dalton (latin)
Pot diameter 21 cm - Indoor plant
Schefflera Dalton - Pot D. 21 cm - Schefflera Dalton - Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 15 to 22°C.

Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.

Site: Light shade to full sun.

Geographical origins:

Adult dimensions:
Height not more than 2 metres indoors, up to 30 metres in its natural environment.


Its sap is an irritant.

Characteristics and Uses:

The Schefflera is a very tough indoors plant.

Its shiny dense foliage adds a magnificent touch of greenery to your interior.

Looking after advice:

- The Schefflera can also tolerate positions that only receive a few hours of sunlight per day.

- Water it moderately when the soil is dry on the surface and avoid stagnant water.
- Also, spray its leaves with water once or twice a week.
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