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Olive Tree Specimen   /   Olea europea specimen

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219QJ Olive Tree Specimen - N°690 1249.00 Available
219QK Olive Tree Specimen - N°782 889.00 Available
219PZ Olive Tree Specimen - N°625 759.00 Available
219LX Olive Tree Specimen - N°675 599.00 Available
219NT Olive Tree Specimen - N°946 349.00 Available
219NY Olive Tree Specimen - N°954 329.00 Available
219OJ Olive Tree Specimen - N°962 329.00 Available
219MO Olive Tree Specimen - N°259 329.00 Available
219KL Olive Tree Specimen - N°208 289.00 Available
219PX Olive Tree Specimen - N°360 289.00 Available
219KS Olive Tree Specimen - N°236 289.00 Available
219KU Olive Tree Specimen - N°244 289.00 Available
219KW Olive Tree Specimen - N°309 289.00 Available
219JX Olive Tree Specimen - N°153 289.00 Available
219PM Olive Tree Specimen - N°522 269.00 Available
219PT Olive Tree Specimen - N°336 269.00 Available
219PU Olive Tree Specimen - N°344 269.00 Available
219PP Olive Tree Specimen - N°316 269.00 Sold
219PR Olive Tree Specimen - N°328 269.00 Available
219NV Olive Tree Specimen - N°304 249.00 Available
219LK Olive Tree Specimen - N°324 249.00 Available
219LN Olive Tree Specimen - N°335 249.00 Available
219KZ Olive Tree Specimen - N°315 249.00 Available
219PV Olive Tree Specimen - N°348 249.00 Sold
219MW Olive Tree Specimen - N°279 229.00 Available


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Specimen Olive Tree - Olea Europea (latin)

Area of origin: Mediterranean region. The cultivated olive was introduced into France by the Phoenicians during the construction of Marseilles around 500BC.
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 15m (49,2'), width up to 8 m (26,2').
Foliage: Evergreen.
Soil Type: Avoid excessively wet ground drain if necessary.
Hardiness: Tolerant to -15°C, do not hesitate to use straw to cover ground in case of severe winter.
Exposure: Full sun.

Properties and uses:
Especially selected for their sculptural effect, the Olive trees from this catalogue give an immediate effect. Each Olive tree is unique and has its own number. The tree that you select on the photographs above, matches the one ordered. Discover our special offer of the moment and choose yours...
Ideal grown on swimming pool surrounds, the specimen Olive tree will appreciate being surrounded with lavender, thyme, rosemary, decorative pebbles, Cistus... It can be pruned in February-March to keep its aesthetic, removing branches growing either downwards or towards the centre of the tree.

Gigantic Pots

Gigantic pot for tree

This gigantic pot with its outside diameter of 105 cm de diameter is just perfect to house big specimens such as a Specimen Olive tree. With its volume of 400 litres, the roots will have ample space to develop.

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Olive Trees

Olive Tree

Olive Tree: The olive tree enjoys the sun in the garden or on the balcony. This millennial tree is a symbol of peace and it has a fascinating history.

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Olive Tree Bonsaï

Olive Tree Bonsaï: Our very decorative Bonsaï olive trees are an excellent gift idea. They are to be cultivated outdoors.

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Olive Tree Standard

Olive Tree Standard: Thanks to their trimming skills, our professional gardeners give the olive tree standard its distinguishing shape. Statuesque and decorative, the olive tree standard will flourish on a terrace, a balcony, at the front entrance of a house or any other sunny spot.

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