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Cherry, Sargent   /   Prunus sargentii

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Sargent Cherry -
Prunus sargentii or Prunus sachalinensis (latin)

Areas of origin : Japan, Island of Sakhaline.

Adult Dimensions : Height up to 15 m, width up to 15m (49,2').

Foliage : Deciduous.

Soil Type : Rich, well drained but moist.

Hardiness : Hardy to -28°C.

Exposure : Full sun.

Sargent Cherry
Author: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT - GNU Free Documentation License
Arboretum Robert Lenoir - Rindeu

Characteristics and Uses : Very beautiful pink flowers in April before the leaves. Undoubtedly the finest all cherries for autumn colour, this big tree has leaves that are first red bronze and become shiny dark green and eventually orange and red in the autumn. The red black fruits measure up to 1cm long. It is planted alone in parks and gardens. Bonsai enthusiasts find this a magnificent subject to work on.


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