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Small bamboos

Small bamboos Height
Ø cane
Fargesia nitida 'Black Pearl'
Dense foliage and purple-tinged nearly black canes.
Clumping Bamboos
2-3 -20 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Gansu'
Slender and silky foliage very smooth to the touch.
Stalks tend to turn deep red, even black.
Clumping Bamboos
2,5-3 -20 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Volcano'
Erect, purple stalks and bright green foliage.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
1,5-2 0,3-1,5 -23 View prices
Fargesia rufa
Rose coloured sheath, slightly weeping comportment.
non-spreading variety
2-3 0,3-1,5 -28 View prices
Fargesia rufa Variegata
Variegated foliage, rose coloured sheath, slightly weeping comportment.
Clumping Bamboos
1,5-2,5 0,5 -10 View prices
Indocalamus latifolius
Broad leaves, tight bush like shape.
Slightly spreading root system
2-4 1-2 -18 View prices
Pleioblastus chino Elegantissimus
Small green leaves dashed with creamy white, slender and dangling.
Slightly spreading root system
1-2,5 -20 View prices
Pleioblastus shibuyanus Tsuboii
Foliage dashed with white, upright shape.
Slightly spreading root system
1-2 -20 View prices
Pseudosasa japonica Tsutsumiana
Green canes between swollen knots, green foliage.
Runner root system
2-3,5 -25 View prices
Sasa kurilensis
Pale green canes, broad shiny green leaves, open shape which is slightly weeping. Young edible shoots.
Runner root system
1,5-3,5 0,2-2,5 -26 View prices
Sasa palmata nebulosa
Green canes stained with black, very light broad green leaves.
Runner root system
1-4 0,4-1 -26 View prices
Sasa tsuboiana
Dark green smooth leaves
Runner root system
1,5-2 0,3-0,5 -22 View prices
Sasa veitchii
Slim slightly purple canes, sheath covered in dense long hairs, dark green leaves edged with creamy white in winter.
Runner root system
0,8-1,5 0,4-0,8 -23 View prices
Shibatea kumasaca
Slim close together canes, green foliage, dense compact shape.
Runner root system
1-1,5 0,1-0,5 -25 View prices

Small bamboos (from 1 to 3 meters in height)
These small bamboos are perfect for borders or hedges. They allow you to make dense screens and are ideal for breaking up a small garden. When grown in tubs they provide lovely green foliage for both the inside or outside of the home.

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