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Clumping Bamboos

Clumping Bamboos Height
Ø cane
Bambusa multiplex Alphonse karr
Yellow / orange canes streaked with green.
Clumping Bamboos
3 1-2 -5 View prices
Chusquea couleou
Canes very close together, columnar shape, variety suitable for Mediterranean areas.
Clumping Bamboos
3-5 2-3 -10 View prices
Fargesia angustissima
Purplish canes, very slender leaves, very compact and upright.
Clumping Bamboos
4-6 0,7 -12 View prices
Fargesia jiuzhaigou Genf Red
Very slender and dense foliage, red stems.
Clumping Bamboos
2-4 -20 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Black Pearl'
Dense foliage and purple-tinged nearly black canes.
Clumping Bamboos
2-3 -20 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Gansu'
Slender and silky foliage very smooth to the touch.
Stalks tend to turn deep red, even black.
Clumping Bamboos
2,5-3 -20 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Volcano'
Erect, purple stalks and bright green foliage.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
1,5-2 0,3-1,5 -23 View prices
Fargesia nitida 'Winter Joy'
greenish-blue stalks and weeping shape.
Clumping Bamboos
3-4 0,3-1,5 -23 View prices
Fargesia robusta Campbell
Green canes with white sheath, upright habit.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
3,5-5 -20 View prices
Fargesia robusta 'Formidable Wenchuan'
non-running, dense with a copious foliage which makes the culm bend outwards.
Clumper root system (non-spreading variety)
3-4 -20 View prices
Fargesia robusta Pingwu
Green canes with white sheath, upright habit.
Clumping Bamboos
4-5 -20 View prices
Fargesia rufa
Rose coloured sheath, slightly weeping comportment.
Clumping Bamboos
2-3 0,3-1,5 -28 View prices
Fargesia rufa Variegata
Variegated foliage, rose coloured sheath, slightly weeping comportment.
Clumping Bamboos
1,5-2,5 0,5 -10 View prices
Fargesia scabrida Asian wonder
Purplish sheath on canes, upright growth.
Clumping Bamboos
4-6 0,5-1 -28 View prices
Thamnocalamus tessellatus
Olive green canes, pale green foliage, very dense, upright shape.
Clumping Bamboos
3 -10 View prices

Bamboos with clumper root system (non spreading)
These non spreading bamboos grow in tight clumps. They are not invasive as their rhizomes do not spread out through the soil. They are often grown in planters, as lone plants or in groups or as a hedge. If used as hedging allow one plant every metre.

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