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Pine, aleppo   /   Pinus halepensis

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Aleppo Pine –
Pinus halepensis (latin)
Aleppo Pine - Pinus halepensis

Geographical origins: Mediterranean, Africa, Northern Spain as far as Greece.

Adult dimensions: Height up to 20 m (65,6'), width up to10 m (32,8').

Foliage: Evergreen.

Type of soil: Any.

Hardiness: Hardy to -10°C.

Exposure: Full sun.

Aleppo Pine - Pinus halepensis
Aleppo Pine - Pinus halepensis

Characteristics and uses:
Planted alone in the areas of origin. The silver grey bark produces lots of shoots on ground containing lime. Nevertheless the wood is of good quality and it is essential in forestry because it can tolerate heat and dryness and is able to cope with poor soil, little depth and lime. In France it can be found growing spontaneously in Provence, the Languedoc and Corsica. The needles come in pairs.

List of Pines:
Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra austriaca), dark bark and foliage
Bosnian pine (Pinus leucodermis), very decorative pine has smooth white and grey bark
Calabrian Pine (Pinus nigra calabrica), humid or chalky soil
Chinese White pine (Pinus armandii), is a rare tree that is often grown by collectors or bonsai lovers
Corsican Pine (Pinus nigra corsicana), dislikes chalky soil
Coulter Pine (Pinus coulteri), its bark is crimson brown
Dwarf Mugo Mughus Pine (Pinus mugo mughus), spreading shape, adult height 1,50m, sought after by bonsai connoisseurs
Dwarf Mugo Pumilio Pine (Pinus mugo pumilio), spreading shape, adult height 5m, sought after by bonsai connoisseurs
Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus), grey green foliage, pyramidal shape, sought after by bonsai connoisseurs
Jack pine (Pinus banksiana), its wood is used for construction and wood pulp
Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii), it responds very well to cutting and miniaturising
Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora), gets its name from its bark which becomes a reddish brown colour with age
Jeffrey pine (Pinus jeffreyi), brown bark that is covered with irregular furrows and gives off a scent of lemon and vanilla
Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis), the ideal candidate for growing as a bonsai
Lace back pine (Pinus bungeana), its bark is made up of greyish green or crimson red plates like those of the plane tree
Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)
Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster), dislikes chalky soil
Monterrey Pine (Pinus radiata), beautiful ornamental tree, pale foliage, hardy to -15°C
Mountain pine (Pinus montana uncinata), dark bark and foliage
Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris), salmon coloured bark and bluish green foliage
Umbrella Pine (Pinus pinea), umbrella shaped
Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis Jones), collectors' tree, acidic soil, hardy to -12°C

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