Planting in Pots, Containers or Planters

Estimated planting time: 10 m


Necessary equipment:

Compost: Quality compost is made up of peat, elements for drainage like resinous bark and nutritive elements like manure

Material: Expanded Clay Pebbles, pebbles or broken pottery

Other tools: Watering can.

Helpful items: Slow release fertiliser tablets, gloves, dibble.

Planting in Pots, Containers or Planters

Whether you have a windowsill, balcony, a small or big garden we all have the right to have a little bit of nature in our home. Do you dream of having an alkaline hating plant but have chalky soil, dream of a palm tree but suffer from temperatures of -20°C in winter… Then plant above the ground and you can realise your dreams!

Choosing your container
Round, square, long, in clay, wood, metal or plastic... There exists a huge choice of shapes and materials, so chose something that makes you happy! If it does not already have some drainage holes make some in the base so that the water can escape. Chose the container taking into account the size of the tree or shrub. Also, think about putting the pot on a wheeled trolley, useful for moving the pot once it is full of soil.

Stage 1
- Put a large pebble or some broken pottery in the bottom of your pot to partially block the drainage hole, allow enough space though for water to escape.
- Fill the bottom of the pot with bulky material (broken pots, pebbles, clay marbles...) to about 5cm depth. This layer will stop any water stagnating and rotting the roots.
- Finally fill your pot up with compost.

Stage 2
- Put your plant in the pot and carefully cover the root ball with 3 or 4 cm of earth, this will stop it drying out.
- Do not press the soil down, as this will help in the root development and consequently help your plant.
- Water generously.

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