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Pigeons – Proof fence

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S5591 Pigeon-proof fence
stainless steel -6 lengths of 25 cm
16.50 Available


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Proof fence for balconies and windows, repels pigeons and birds - BSI

Wandering domestic animals and wild pigeons constantly cause nuisances:
- Their excrements dirty your surroundings.
- They create noise pollution, and damage your plantations.
- They can become aggressive when looking for food.

The nuisance: where and when ?
- In urban areas, all year round.

PIGEON FREE® against pigeons
Allows you to fight efficiently against, seagulls, birds such as jackdaws, crows, magpies,... as well as starlings which can also cause a lot of annoyance.

PIGEON FREE® is made of a set of pointy peaks pre-mounted on a rod, which prevents the birds from landing in the protected areas. Each pack contains 6 lengths of 25 cm.
They can be installed where the annoyance occurs: on roofs, gables, doorways, ...

Quick installation using silicone...

... Or using screws

They can be installed where the nuisance occurs: on roofs, gables, doorways, ...

Product advantages:
- Entirely manufactured in stainless steel 316.
- Final and permanent solution.
- Discreet and quick to install.

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