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Clematis 'Pink Fantasy'   /   Clematis Pink Fantasy

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Everything about: Clematis 'Pink Fantasy'

Clematis 'Pink fantasy' –
Clematis 'Pink fantasy' (latin)
Clematis 'Pink fantasy' - Clematis 'Pink fantasy'

Photo: Travers Nursery

Area of origin: Northern hemisphere.

Adult dimensions: Height up to 3 metres.

Foliage: Deciduous.

Soil Type: Any, moist and well drained.

Hardiness: Hardy to -20°C.

Exposure: Light shade to full sun.

Characteristics and uses:
A small clematis that likes to grow on a trellis, a pergola or a hedge. Its light pink flowers of 10 centimetres in diameter appear from June to October. It combines easily with Clematis of a darker shade of pink. It likes to have its roots in the shade and its head in the sun: It will thrive on a regular light watering coupled with mulching. Pruning will help it to develop its branches and reinvigorate itself after very cold winters.

List of Clematis:
Clematis 'Armandii' (Clematis 'Armandii'), this Clematis is evergreen. Its small white flowers appear in the spring, and have a wonderful vanilla scent
Clematis 'Black Tea' (Clematis Black tea), superb single flowers, dark violet to dark red in the center. Depending on the luminosity, they could look almost black.
Clematis 'Crimson' (Clematis recta 'Pupurea'), non-climbing clematis, magnificent crimson foliage, It flowers from July through to September.
Clematis 'Dr Ruppel' (Clematis 'Dr Ruppel'), large deep rose flowers in May - June and September
Clematis 'Ernest Markham' (Clematis 'Ernest Markham'), large Crimson blossom flowers from June through to October
Clematis 'John Howells' (Clematis John Howells), large carmine red flowers with dark stamens.
Clematis 'Mme Lecoultre' (Clematis 'Mme Lecoultre'), large white flowers from June through to October
Clematis 'Multiblue' (Clematis Multiblue), single flowers to start with, its stamens transform themselves, little by little into petals, giving it the look of a lovely, steel blue pompom.
Clematis 'Pink Champagne' (Clematis 'Pink Champagne'), pink flowers from May through to September
Clematis 'Sunset' (Clematis Sunset), bright pink flowers in May - June and September
Clematis 'The President' (Clematis 'The President'), large purplish blue flowers in May - June and September

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