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Bamboo Sasa palmata

Geographic Origin: Originates from Japan (Hokkaîdo and the north of Honshu), it grows along the coastal areas up to the Russian islands of Sakhaline and Kouriles.
Adult size: 2 to 3 m. in height.
Cane diameter: 0,4 to 1 cm.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Type of soil: Moist and deep. Does not like excessive chalk.
Exposure: Shade, partial shade or sun.
Hardiness: -16°C.
Root development: Runner root system (spreading variety).

Properties and uses:
This bamboo has large leaves that are very light green in colour. They grow in the shape of palms. Its canes take on a dark nearly black tinge over time.
It is ideal for borders or planting in groups but is equally good as a single specimen or grown in a planter.
Do not hesitate to cut it back or cut off the new shoots to restrict its spread. In Japan, the large leaves are used for wrapping up some traditional dishes.

Sasa bamboo can also be used around a swimming pool
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