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Bamboo Fargesia Rufa Variegata   /   Fargesia rufa Variegata

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Bamboo Fargesia Rufa Variegata

Area of origin: Provinces in Centre China, mainly the Sichuan province
Adult Dimensions: 1.5 to 2.5 metres high.
Diameter of the cane: 0.5 cm.
Foliage: Evergreen, variegated green and white
Soil Type: Moist and deep. Avoid excess of lime.
Hardiness: Hardy to -10°C.
Exposure: Shade / semi-shade. Preferably sheltered from direct sun (undergrowth variety)
Roots development: clump roots.

Properties and uses:
The bamboo Fargesia grows in dense clumps which can reach a wide diameter in a few years. It can be used alone, in a planter or in a hedge. This bamboo has clump roots, so it is not invasive, your neighbours won’t complain!
Like its cousin Fargesia Rufa, the bearing of the Fargesia Rufa Variegata is slightly falling. The cane is pinkish. It is unique with its variegated foliage. The aging leaves loose their variegated colours, until they are replaced by new ones.

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