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Lipstick Vine   /   Aeschynanthus

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Lipstick Vine - Aeschynanthus (latin)
Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 14 to 22°C.
Hygrometry: Humid to very humid atmosphere.
Site: Full sun.
Geographical origins: Tropical areas of India, China and Malaysia.
Adult sizing: Branches can get up to 60 cm.
Growth: Medium.

Properties and uses:
The Aeschynanthus is a superb creeping plant which is perfect grown in a hanging basket from which its branches will cascade from. In summer it produced an abundance of red flowers. The rest of the year, its beautiful, glossy, dark green foliage is highly decorative. It can also be grown trained, on its own, or in the background of a green plants’ arrangement.

Looking after advice:

The Aeschynanthus thrives in humid surroundings
- So it is best not to wait too long in between watering, just the length of time needed for the compost to dry on its surface.
- It also likes spraying of its foliage or bathing.
- Place it in a light spot without exposing it to direct sun rays.
- Give it liquid fertiliser, two to four times each month from February to the beginning of blossom.

- Only re-pot when the roots of your Aeschynanthus overrun the pot.
- Replace the entire compost with an acid one, rich in green matter.
- Heath-peat or peat are suitable, adding some draining elements.
- Do not tamp the soil down as the roots must be able to breathe.

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