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2191p Elaeagnus ebbingei Limelight
Pot Size: 10 litres pot – Height of plant: 100/125 cm.
Delivered by specialised carrier.
69.50 Available
2190N Elaeagnus ebbingei Limelight
Hedging pack - 10m length (32').
13 young plug plants – Height of plants: 10/15 cm (4/6").
Spacing between plants: 80 cm (32").
48.75 Dispatch from 31/08/2021
2190L Elaeagnus ebbingei Limelight
Plug plant – Height of plant: 10/15 cm (4/6").
4.75 Dispatch from 31/08/2021
2191V Elaeagnus ebbingei Limelight
Plug plant – Height of plant: 10/15 cm.
Unit price available starting from 100 units purchased.
3.25 Dispatch from 31/08/2021
2191A FERTILISER – Fertiliser tablet to place at the bottom of the hole before planting. Slow release over 7 to 8 months. Only 1 tablet in each hole. 0.40 Available


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Elaeagnus ebbingei Limelight - Elaeagnus ebbingei Limelight (latin)

Area of origin: Netherlands.
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 3m (9.8'), width up to 2m (6.6').
Foliage: Evergreen green and yellow center leaves.
Soil Type: All.
Hardiness: Hardy to -23°C.
Exposure: Full sun.

Properties and uses:
The white flowers from September to December are strongly perfumed. This shrub is planted alone or in flowerbeds and is commonly used to created hedges.

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