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Oak, black   /   Quercus velutina

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Black Oak - Quercus velutina, Quercus tinctoria (latin)

Area of origin : East of North America up to 1500m (1640yds) altitude. Introduced into Europe in 1800. Introduit en Europe occidentale en 1800.
Adult Dimensions : Height up to 45 m (148'), width up to 30m (98,4').
Foliage : Deciduous.
Soil Type : Well drained soils, even poor and dry soils but not too much lime.
Hardiness : Tolerant to -24°C.
Exposure : Full light.

Properties and uses:
This oak tree has a compact and irregular form. The bark is black on the surface and yellow orange inside. Very rich in tannin a yellow tinted extract is taken called quercitron. The leaves can measure up to 23cm (9,6") long and 15cm (5,9") wide. They are a dark green colour and become dark brown in autumn. They are extremely bright and fall from the tree in autumn.
The acorns are round and can measure up to 2cm (0,8"). They can take 2 years to ripen.
The wood is not such good quality as that of Quercus rubra but is used in the same way. It grows less rapidly.

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I have heard that the bark of black oak has healing powers and was used on horses with cuts/wounds t...

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