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Frangipani   /   Plumeria

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Frangipani - Plumeria (latin)

Geographical origin: The West Indies.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 6 m in its natural habitat, no more than 2 m in a pot.
Foliage: Evergreen (can loose its leaves in winter when kept indoors).
Type of soil: Rich, neutral and well drained.
Hardiness: The plant dies below temperatures of 0°C.
Site: Full sun; do not hesitate to place the plant outside from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn.

Properties and uses:
The Frangipani is a tropical shrub, which blossoms from July to October. Its flowers exhale a powerful fragrance reminiscent of the frangipane scent.
The Frangipani needs light, and we strongly advise to keep it outside when the temperatures are warm, so to encourage its blossom.
Plant your Frangipani in a large pot (at least 40 cm in diameter), in a neutral, free draining compost. Add fertilizer regularly and water with moderation.

How to make your Frangipani's cutting to take root:
Prepare a mix made with a rich compost and sand into a pot. Humidify this mix and place your Frangipani cutting on it, without burying the stem. You can help yourself with Bamboo stakes to stabilize the cutting. Keep it in a warm, light place, and humidify regularly the compost. Once well rooted, you will be able to transplant it into a bigger pot.

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