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Gaura lindheimeri White   /   Gaura lindheimeri alba

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Gaura Lindheimeri White - Gaura lindheimeri alba (latin)

Geographical origins: United States.
Adult size: Height up to 1.5m, spread up to 1m.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: Neutral, preferably dry and poor.
Climate: Hardy to -20°C.
Site: Partial shade to full sun.

Characteristics and uses:
The Gaura Lindheimeri White is a small shrub which blossoms from spring to autumn. The nectar- producing, white to pinkish-white flowers appear on long, fine stems. It prefers a sunny spot and a rather dry soil in order to look at its best. This perennial will only last three to four years planted in the ground but it will reseed by itself, sustaining in this way a beautiful flowering bed. It can be grown on its own, in a flowering bed, against a wall or even in a big pot on a balcony.

At the end of blossom, cut back the Gaura 10cm from the ground. Make sure you keep a few reseeded young plants so as to keep it alive.

- Gaura Lindheimeri 'Whirling Butterflies': Bush with 40 cm in diameter and a height of 80cm.
- Gaura Lindheimeri 'White Dove®': Very compact bush with 30/40 cm in high.

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