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Orchid Dendrobium Nobile - White   /   Dendrobium nobile Alba

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Orchid Dendrobium Nobile - White - Dendrobium nobile Alba (latin)
Pot diameter 12 cm - Indoor plant

Geographical origin: Asia.
Adult sizes: Height up to 50 cm.
Foliage: Tough, evergreen.
Type of soil: Acid, well drained and aerated.
Climate: Hardy to 5°C.
Site: Partial shade to full sun. Avoid placing it in full light during the hottest hours, in spring and summer.

Characteristics and uses:

This original Orchid forms stems which look like Bamboos’ sticks. Alternate leaves grow on their entire length. The slightly scented, white flowers are also evenly spread on the entire stem. They usually appear at the end of winter or in the spring. Once the last flower opens at the top, it is time to stop fertilisation and reduce watering. You can then enjoy your flowering Orchid for several weeks.

Our tip to trigger blooming: in the autumn, when there is a difference of at least 10°C between day and night, reduce watering and place in full sun. Afterwards, keep in a cool, light spot and supply fertiliser throughout the entire blooming period.

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