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Geranium 'Dusky Crûg'   /   Geranium Dusky Crug

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Geranium 'Dusky Crûg' - Geranium 'Dusky Crûg' (latin)

Adult dimensions: Height up to 20 cm, width up to 50 cm.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Type of soil: Any.
Climate: Hardy to -15°C.
Site: Mid-shade to full sun.
Plantation density: 9 / m².

Properties and uses:
The Geranium 'Dusky Crûg' is highly decorative. Its chocolate brown foliage has magnificent velvety highlights. Its nearly white, pale pink flowers are beautiful and are enhanced by the dark foliage.
Clean the clump regularly during the growing season and cut it right back in autumn.
This Geranium will thrive in flower beds, to delimit borders or even, used as a ground covering plant.

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