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Spring Container Spring Flower Country - Collection Spring-Summer

Decorate your balcony, your windows and your terrace with style thanks to our seasonal window-boxes!
Ready in only a few minutes, these floral compositions will bring in cheerfulness and colour instantaneously!

Our 'green' designers have imagined a colourful creation which has bucolic hints with its delicate, small flowers. The Geraniums 'Sirak' open up next to the Convolvulus Mauritanicus and the Common Brooms. The foliage of the Hostas (Plantain Lilies) offers a superb backdrop. The wooden window box brings in a touch of country-style but you can also use a design-looking flower-display case for a more contemporary look! This composition will grow over the weeks for an even more spectacular result day after day right up to the autumn.

Discover in 1 minute the different essential steps of the window-box realisation, click here to view our video!

The creation 'Spring Flower Country' consists of :
- 3 x Geranium 'Sirak'
- 3 x Scotch Broom 'Lena'
- 2 x Convolvulus Mauritanicus (Morning glory-ground)
- 3 x Hostas 'Halcyon' (Plantain Lilies)
- 2 x Hostas 'Francee'(Plantain Lilies)

It is presented in the wooden window box from Burger® which has a length of 63 cm, a width of 27 cm and a height of 20 cm.

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