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Red Spindle Tree   /   Euonymus grandiflorus rubra

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Spindle Tree with red colored foliage - Euonymus grandiflorus rubra (latin)

Geographical origin: Europe, Asia, Northern America
Adult size: Height up to 2m, spread up to 2m
Foliage: Deciduous to semi-evergreen
Type of soil: Any, preferably moist and well drained
Climate: Hardy up to -15°C
Site: Partial shade to full sun

Properties and uses:
The Euonymus with red colored foliage is a shrub which has extremely attractive tints as much for its foliage as its fruits.
The glossy, lance-shaped leaves of this Euonymus are green to start coral at the end of August then they wind themselves up and become purple in the autumn. This foliage is deciduous but remains on the branches until the winter.
The creamy-white blossom is discreet but slightly fragrant.
The fruits are colourful; the bright orange berries are encased in 4 lobed, pink pods.
All parts of the Euonymus are toxic by ingestion for Humans but its winter fructification is nevertheless appreciated by birds.
It is an excellent choice for a bucolic, rural /country-style hedge.
Please note that this is the most disease-resistant Euonymus variety.

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