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Avocado 'Fuerte'   /   Persea americana 'Fuerte'

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Avocado 'Fuerte' - Persea americana 'Fuerte' (latin)

Area of origin: Central America
Adult dimensions: Height up to 10m
Foliage: Evergreen
Soil type: Rich and well-drained, acidic
Hardiness: Hardy to -5°C, needs protection against wind and frost
Exposure: Full sun

Properties and uses:
The Avocado 'Fuerte' is the second most popular variety in the world after the 'Hass' variety! Less cold-resistant than the 'Bacon', it needs protection against cold and wind.
In the regions with mild winters, it is possible to plant it in full ground, with a protection against wind and frost. In the other regions, it is safer to plant it in a pot placed indoor or in a conservatory. Then it can spend the summer outside in its pot. The avocado appreciates water, mainly during its growth. But stagnant water is to be avoided between two waterings, because it can damage the roots.
We recommend planting several plants and mixing the varieties for a better pollinating.

Plant them now: the shortest way to your plate is through your garden!

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