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Oca, New Zealand Yam   /   Oxalis tuberosa

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Oca, New Zealand Yam - Oxalis tuberosa (latin)

Geographic origin: Perou
Adult size: Height up to 40 cm, width up to 50 cm
Foliage: Perennial
Type of soil: All
Climate: Hardy to -5°C.
Position: Full sun.

Characteristics and uses:
The Oca, also called New Zealand Yam, is a perennial deciduous, root edible plant which looks like clover. The root can be boiled, steamed, sautéed or fried. It doesn't need to be peeled. It has a potatoe flavour, slightly more acidulous.
This perennial is disease resistant and is not demanding in care.

Plant now : the shortest way to your plate is through your garden !

There are several cultivars:
- Oxalis tuberosa Crimson & gold : the roots are yellow and red
- Oxalis tuberosa Gold : the roots are yellow

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