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Vine, Pink Grape   /   Vitis 'Italia Rubi'

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Pink Grape Vine - Vitis Italia 'Rubi' (latin)

Geographical origins: Mediterranea area
Adult sizes: Height between 2 and 5 m
Foliage: Deciduous
Type of soil: Any loamy, well-drained soils
Climate: Hardy to -14°C
Site: Full sun
Propagation mode: grafting on Vitis vinifera

Properties and uses:
This climbing Vine 'Italia Rubi' will produce big, sweet and juicy, pink grapes, ready to be harvested in October. This variety is self-fertilizing, and hardy to winter cold.

Description of the fruit:
Large, cylindric grapes with big, pinky-ish, plump and crunchy fruits.

Our advice:
This Vine should be planted between October and November, and pruned in early Winter, to get rid of the shoots which bore fruits during the season. Don't hesitate to cut off some leaves during the summer, to encourage the fruit production.

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