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Rose 'Mutabilis', Chinese Rose   /   Rosa Mutabilis

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Rose 'Mutabilis', Chinese Rose - Rosa 'Mutabilis' (latin)

Area of origin: China; it was called ‘Mutabilis’ in 1934, by Henry Correvon, a Swiss horticulturist

Blossom: Repeat-flowering.
Flower diameter: 6 cm.
Fragrance: melliferous.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 150 cm.
Foliage: Deciduous.

Type of soil: Any type
Climate: Hardy.
Site: Full sun to partial shade, drought resistant.
Planting spacing: 1 plant/m²

Properties and uses:
This Rose ‘Mutabilis’ – also called Chinese Rose - offers a succession of colours such as pink, orange, yellow, magenta, and salmon-pink! The extraordinary and changing blossoms cover this rose bush in successive waves and give it fascinating multicolour hues!
The rose blooms from May through October, or even December in regions with a mild winter.
Pink in the morning, orange in the evening, crimson red the next day, the roses can change colour depending on the temperature or their maturity. Real living painting, the Chinese Rose can be planted in any part of the garden, in flowerbeds, propped in a pot, in full sun or partial shade, in a border… The gardener is sure to find it a good place, as it is a remarkable sight!

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