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Hedge, Edible 'Ophelie'   /   Haie gourmande Ophelie

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Gourmand Hedge 'Ophelie'

Height at maturity: Approx 2m (6.6').
Interest: In the summer, at fruiting time.
Planting distance: Approximately every 1.5m (4.9').Although when planting a screening hedge of only 1 species we would advise planting every 80cm (31.5"), in the case of a mixed flowering hedge we are looking for each plant to grow without competing with its neighbour and give its best.
Pruning: It is not recommended to prune this hedge.

This Gourmand hedge is a delight for the eyes and for the taste buds! It will enchant children who will be able to gather the tasty treats on their own! These fruits are ideal for the making of homemade jams. Because of its compact size it will easily fit into a garden or in pots on a balcony.

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Blueberry Bush 'Jersey', slightly acidic fruits, from August.
Raspberry, Yellow everbearing , soft fruits, fragrant, orangey yellow, double cropping and self-fertile variety.
Raspberry 'Heritage', soft and fragrant fruits, double cropping and self-fertile variety.
Red Chokeberry 'Brilliant', bright red fruits from the Autumn.

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