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Guava, pineapple   /   Feijoa sellowiana

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Feijoa, Pineapple Guava - Feijoa sellowiana (latin)

Area of origin: South america.
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 3m (9.8'), width up to 2m (6.6').
Foliage: Evergreen, green and silver underneath.
Soil Type: Well drained, rich and clayey.
Hardiness: Tolerant to -10°C. Protect in areas with severe winters, and grow in container if necessary.
Exposure: Full sun.

Properties and uses:
The Feijoa or Pineapple Guava is a superb ornamental shrub that blossoms from May through to July. Its original flowers are white with long red stamens. It also produces exotic fruits rich in vitamin C with the flavour of pineapple. The Feijoa or Pineapple Guava fruits look like hairless kiwis and stay green at maturity.It can be planted on its own, in hedges, fruit garden or even in a container for balconies and terraces. The Feijoa or Pineapple Guava shrub is also appreciated by bonsai enthusiasts. There are 'dioïque' varieties so you will need to have male and female plants to obtain fructification and self- fertile varieties as the 'Unique' variety. In the case of dioïque species, it is advised to plant numerous shrubs to ensure getting male and female ones

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