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Oak, Willow   /   Quercus phellos

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Willow oak - Quercus myrsineafolia, Quercus phellos (latin)

Area of origin : South-East USA, near marshlands, streams and rivers from 0 to 400 meters altitude (437yds). Introduced in Europe in1723.
Adult dimensions : Height: up to 30 meters (98.4'), Spread: up to 20 meters (65.6').
Foliage : Deciduous.
Soil Type : At ease in cool, marshy soils but can tolerate sandy, dry soil. Avoid chalky soil.
Hardiness : Frost hardy up to -20°C.
Exposure : Full sun.
Growth rate : Rapid.

Properties and uses:
Its bark cracks and develops grooves with age. Its leaves turn a beautiful orangey-yellow in the autumn. Its acorns are small and black. Can be planted singly on grounds, or in large gardens. It is interesting to note that Americans also plant it in towns. An added benefit is that it is a fast growing variety.

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