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Jasmine, Madagascar   /   Stephanotis floribunda

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Madagascar Jasmine - Stephanotis floribunda (latin)
Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 18 to 22°C. The plant will die if the temperature falls below 10°C.
Hygrometry: Humid atmosphere.
Site: Full light but protected from direct sunlight.
Geographical origins: Madagascar.
Adult dimensions: Creepers up to 6 metres long in its natural environment, but between 2 and 3 metres in a pot.

Properties and uses:
The Madagascar Jasmine is a magnificent creeper that will trail over a support above its pot.
It produces many highly perfumed white flowers from the spring right through to the autumn.

Looking after advice:

- During its flowering period the Madagascar Jasmine must be watered regularly using water at room temperature.
- It is also necessary to keep the plant wet and spray its leaves with water.
- During its dormant period, the soil should be left to dry out between watering.
- Useful tip: To make sure you Jasmine flowers next year, over winter it at a temperature of about 15°C.

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