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Oak, bur   /   Quercus macrocarpa

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Bur oak - Quercus macrocarpa (latin)

Area of origin : East of North America, up to 1000m (1094yds) and more. Introduced into Europe in 1795.
Adult Dimensions : Height up to 37 m (121,4'), width up to 20 m (65,6').
Foliage : Deciduous.
Soil Type : All.
Hardiness : Tolerant up to -20°C.
Exposure : Full light.
Speed of growth : from 60cm (23,6") to 1m (39,4") each year in the early years!

Properties and uses:
The acorns of this oak tree can measure up to 6cm (2,3") long and 4cm (1,6") in diameter! The leaves can measure from 10 – 45cm (3,9 – 17,7") long and up to 16cm (6,2") wide! A massive shade tree this tree is rounded and spreading. The higher stems are erect but those in the middle and lower down are horizontal and twisted. The wood is very strong and resistant, it is used for making furniture, floors and boats. It is also used in barrel making. The Burr Oak is very tolerant of urban environments and can be found growing down long streets in North America.

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