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'White King' Fuchsia - Fuchsia 'White King' (latin)

Area of origin: America
Adult dimensions: Height up to 60cm
Foliage: Deciduous or semi-persistent
Soil type: Moist
Hardiness: Not very hardy to -3°C
Exposure: Partial shade to full sun
Density of plantation: 4 plants/m²

Characteristics and uses:
The Fuchsia ‘White King’ is double bloomed with amazing large white flowers, larger than on other Fuchsia.
The Fuchsia ‘White King’ has an upright, bushy habit.

Fuchsia is a perennial plant well appreciated for its colourful, summer blossom with elegant and refined bell-like flowers.
Grown in flowerbeds or pots, Fuchsia brings a touch of intense colour to your outdoor spaces. It is recommended to cut back its foliage at the end of winter to encourage new growth.

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