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Raspberry, Yellow Dwarf   /   Rubus idaeus Nano

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Dwarf yellow Raspberry 'Goodasgold' - Rubus idaeus lutea (latin)

Area of origin: Horticulture
Adult dimensions: Height up to 0.50m
Foliage: Deciduous
Soil type: Rich and moist
Hardiness: Hardy to -30°C
Exposure: Full sun

Properties and uses:
The Yellow Raspberry Goodasgold® is a dwarf fruit tree, its height does not exceed 0.50 m, which allows planting in pots or in open ground in small areas. This variety has a good yield, is hardy (down to -30°C) and self-fertile: only one plant is necessary to produce fruit.

With the dwarf Raspberry bush, everyone can enjoy an abundant harvest of raspberries, starting in July, without having a big garden or orchard.
This can be planted in open ground, in pots, and placed on terraces or balconies, or mixed with other small fruit trees; it is easy to find a good sunny spot for this tree!

Little maintenance required
The dwarf Raspberry bush adapts to any type of culture and to any place.
When planting in pots, always provide a draining system in the bottom, made of gravel or clay pebbles. Do not hesitate to put mulch at the foot of the plant. No pruning is necessary.

Plant them now: the shortest way to your plate is through your garden!

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