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Container Barbecue Aromatics - Collection Spring-Summer

Decorate your balcony, your windows and your terrace with style thanks to our seasonal window-boxes!
Ready in only a few minutes, these floral compositions will satisfy all your wishes!

Our green designers have imagined a creation as beautiful as tasty! Who has not dreamt of having fresh herbs within easy reach to create fabulous dishes worthy of a Michelin- starred chef? Stop dreaming, this composition is made for you! Keep within easy reach on a balcony, a terrace or even a windowsill the essential ingredients for successful meals.
The Bay Laurel reigns supreme, alongside the Wild Thyme, golden Oregano, Tarragon, Marjoram and even the Spearmint to end the meal with a good mint tea made with fresh herbs (or to start it with a refreshing cocktail !).

Discover in 1 minute the different essential steps of the window-box realisation, click here to view our video!

The creation 'Barbecue Aromatics' consists of :
- 2 x Wild Thyme
- 2 x Golden Oregano
- 2 x Spearmint
- 2 x Tarragon
- 1 x Marjoram
- 1 x Bay Laurel

It is presented in the Anthracite ‘Cascadino Color’ pot from Lechuza® which has a diameter of 36 cm and a height of 23 cm.

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