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Bellflower, Carpathian Blue   /   Campanula carpatica caeruleum

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Blue Carpathian Bellflower - Campanula carpatica caeruleum (latin)

Area of origin: Europe
Adult dimensions: Height up to 20cm, width up to 30cm
Foliage: Semi evergreen
Soil type: Well-drained
Hardiness: Hardy to -30°C
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Density of plantation: 10 plants/m²

Properties and uses:
The Blue Carpathian Bellflower is a hardy, low-growing, and ground-covering perennial. It adapts to any soil or situation, from full sun to partial shade, and quickly forms an evergreen mat of small white flowers, from spring throughout summer.
Carpathian Bellflower is used in many ways for landscaping, such as covering embankments or inaccessible areas, or creating a low border.

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