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Ficus binnendijkii, Long-leaf fig   /   Ficus binnendijkii

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Ficus binnendijkii, Long-leaf fig - Ficus binnendijkii (latin)
Indoor plant

Recommended temperature: 15 to 21.
Hygrometry: Normal to humid atmosphere.
Site: Partial shade to full sun. Avoid draught.
Geographical origins: India.
Adult sizing: Height up to 2 m.
Growth: Rapid.

Properties and uses:
The Ficus Long-leaf fig is a superb Ficus which has dropping, long ,sabre-shaped leaves. Particularly resistant, it will withstand spots away from windows. However, make sure to give it regular watering !

Looking after advice:

- Although it can be placed away from windows, your Ficus likes bright places. Nevertheless, avoid placing it behind a window which is exposed to the sun rays over a long time during the day so as not to burn its foliage.
- Your Ficus will adapt itself to rooms heated at 15°C to 22°C. When the outdoor temperature allows it, you can place you Ficus outside on the terrace.

- Water it in moderation, especially during winter. A good pointer is to wait for the soil’s surface to dry out between two watering.
- Prefer non-calcareous water (distilled, soft water).
- When it is hot, do not hesitate to spray a mist of water on its foliage.
- Give it liquid fertiliser every fortnight from March to October.

Why are the leaves of my Ficus falling ?
This usually happens when you have changed its place or when it is placed near draught. The Ficus is extremely sensitive to temperature changes. An excess, or a lack of water can also be at the origin of this loss of leaves.

Why are the leaves of my Ficus becoming yellow ?
As often, this is the sign of excessive watering which results in the roots asphyxia of your Ficus.

Soil and Compost

Potting Compost

Potting Compost: Suggested uses
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