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Blueberry, Dwarf, Self-fertile   /   Vaccinium corymbosum Nano

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Self-fertile, dwarf Blueberry - Vaccinium corymbosum Nano (latin)

Area of origin: North America.
Adult dimensions: Height: up to 1 meter. Spread: up to 1 meter.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Soil Type: Suits well drained but not chalky soil.
Hardiness: Hardy up to -20°C.
Exposure: Semi-shade to full sun.

Properties and uses:
The 'Hortblue Petite' Blueberry dwarf bush produces berries twice a year, in spring and summer. This bush is self-fertile and has a good yield, however it is recommended to plant 2 to 3 bushes together to improve the yield.
With the dwarf blueberry bush, everybody can enjoy an abundant harvest of blueberries at the beginning of summer, without necessarily owning a big garden or an orchard.
It can be planted in open ground, in pots placed on terraces or balconies, as it is very easy to find it a nice sunny place; it can also be associated with other fruit trees to enjoy more fruit varieties.

Not demanding in care
The dwarf blueberry bush adapts to any type of culture and to any place.
When planting in pots always provide a draining system in the bottom of the pot, made of gravel or clay balls. Do not hesitate to spread mulch at the foot of the plant. No pruning needed.

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