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Honeysuckle, Lilac-flowered   /   Lonicera syringantha

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Lilac-flowered Honeysuckle - Lonicera Syringantha (latin)

Geographical origin: Asia
Adult Dimensions: Height up to 2m, spread up to 150cm
Foliage: Deciduous
Type of soil: Well drained, tolerates chalk
Climate: Hardy- up to -20°C
Site: Partial shade to full sun

Properties and uses:
The Lilac-flowered Honeysuckle is a shrub which has a blossom very much like the common Lilac's one, hence its name. The pale pink flowers develop in the spring and fill up your garden with their sweet fragrance. Small red berries follow. The Lilac-flowered Honeysuckle tolerates chalky soils and is perfectly suitable mixed in flowering hedges, or simply grown on its own or in a pot in the garden.

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