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Rose 'Pierre Arditi'   /   Rosa Pierre Arditi

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Rose 'Pierre Arditi'® Meicalanq - Rosa 'Pierre Arditi'® (latin)

Breeder: Meilland, 2010.

Blossom: Repeat flowering.
Flower diameter: 13 cm.
Fragrance: Strong.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 1.20 m.
Foliage: Deciduous.

Type of soil: Rich and free draining, avoid chalky soils.
Climate: Very hardy.
Site: Full sun.
Planting spacing: Approximately every 70 cm.

Properties and uses:
The Rose 'Pierre Arditi'® is unquestionably one of the best big white flowerer on the market! Its highly double, pure white flowers exhale an intense, fruity fragrance, delicious mix of peach, pear and exotic fruits.
They stand out against the glossy, dark green foliage.
This vigorous and disease resistant Rose is ideal in a flowering bed or planted on its own as a specimen. Favour a site near a path or an alleyway to make the most of its enjoyable fragrance.

Gold Medal in Buenos Aires
Gold Medal and Fragrance prize in Rome, Le Roeulx

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