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Sage, Violette de Loire ® 'barsal'   /   Salvia x jamensis Violette de Loire ® 'barsal'

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Sage Violette de loire ® 'barsal' - SALVIA jamensis Violette de loire ® 'barsal' (latin)

Geographical origin: Horticulture.
Adult dimensions: Height up to 70 cm, width up to 50 cm.
Foliage: Hardy perennial.
Type of soil: Any, well drained.
Hardiness: Hardy to -10°C.
Exposition: Full sun.

Properties and uses:
The Sage Violette de loire ® 'barsal' is a shrublike Sage with small semipersistent leaves. The small purple flowers bloom as soon as May, and are quite abundant from September to November.
This Sage will stand out as a ground-cover plant, as a low hedge, in flowerbeds, and even in pots among other plants.
Do not hesitate to cut the wilted flowers to see the new ones appear!

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